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I just did a live session on the Bubbly Balance Facebook page, to share the message coming out of the monthly, collective, energy balancing work from last Friday. The quality turned out to be so poor, so that I will only give you the text version of the message this time.

We are still in this very special, high-energy time around the summer solstice together with the solar eclipse new moon in cancer. And it really feels like a transformational time, in how we view ourselves and the world we live in.

One thing that came up is that awareness is quickly increasing in many ways. On one hand about the happenings that is playing out in the world, and on the other hand about who we really are and what we came into this world with – and why we are really here.

In that process, we are facing the human conditioning and patterns that we were born into, and that we have learned to adjust to. Here, we need to face fully the human parts of ourselves, including the parts that we are not very proud of, or maybe even ashamed of. We need to see those aspects clearly, admit them, forgive them, forgive ourselves as well as others who were born into similar limiting conditioning.

It is time to let our conditioned selves come into completion, and embody our soul-selves, to show up more authentically, for ourselves and for others. And facing the less loved sides of ourselves is a necessary part of that process, and nothing that we can bypass. We can try – but then it will keep hitting us in the face in different ways until we cannot avoid admitting it.

On the upside, when we can make peace with all of us, we can show up and be seen as we are, and for this we will be richly rewarded. It will pay off in so many ways. We will be empowered enough to move out of other’s restrictions, and help us keep our own borders in place, so that we can be controlled from the inside rather than from the outside. We can start to hear our inner calling more clearly, and follow our soul’s wisdom step by step towards the fulfilment of what we intended for ourselves for this lifetime.

From that place, we are better suited to help others to step into their I Am power, and start to follow their seventh sense – their soul’s highest guidance.

Another message that came through quite strongly, is the need to have something bigger than yourself to believe in, to support us through different kind of challenges. I’m not telling you to believe in any particular way, but you need a belief system that can support you while you face difficult truths about yourself, your life, and about what is playing out in the world. Something you can trust to carry you through the tough parts, towards something that will be so well worth every growing pain along the way. Find something to believe in, that is worth the effort for you, something that gives you hope, direction, commitment, and courage.

A message connected to this, is that we really are so very held. Universal energies are surrounding Earth and helping us to move through this transitional time, and to benefit the most from that, it helps to go out in nature and connect with the sun and the wind and the earth and the water, as well as with the plants and the animals. Breathe deeply, relax, and help nature calibrate your system with the new energies. To me, the new energies feels a lot lighter, brighter, steady and peaceful – so take the time to feel into them, really take them in, enjoy them and allow them to support you.

This was my way to summarize both what I was sensing during the monthly balancing work last Friday, and what other participants were communicating to me.

In addition to this, I will also include a card-inspired message from Camilla Ronge, one of my friends and co-workers in this, in the following:

  • The medicine wheel speaks of:

    This card speaks about an old wound. What needs to be shed and let go of.

    The essence – The jaguar is on the top of the food chain and never becomes pray. She moves gracefully through the jungle, relishing the abundance of the rainforest, festers and at ease. Jaguar knows ways beyond death and is the master of the shadows, blending invisibly between light and dark, night and day.

    The invitation – Jaguar invites you to explore beyond the walls that confine you, to go outside your normal routine, to push your limits and boundaries. She is inviting You from your own future to investigate the unknown, to venture into the mystery and dark places you have been reluctant to explore. Know that your jaguar instinct will serve you well.

    Represents the part of you that needs to die. Drop the old story. Create a new.

    THE SUN:
    The essence – the sun is acknowledged by many cultures as the foremost masculine force. In other traditions, it is seen as the feminine in her full power. Either way, it is the most brilliant light for all beings. The sun can be gentle and warming close to sunrise or sunset, fall or winter – or it can be destructive, as in its zenith during summer.

    The invitation – have you been hibernating? Have you been introspective? Its time to come out of your cave. Life is calling you to shine your light and add your lightness and humor to the seriousness around you.

    Represents the wisdom you need to acquire. What is your great medicine that you are ready to embrace?

    The essence – corn represents the mother of sustenance and tangible abundance. This symbol represents the material prosperity in the Word of form that provides stability and sustenance to many. There is more than enough.

    The invitation – the Spirit of corn comes to honour your hard work. In the fields of your dreams you planted seeds and even though there were times when you lost faith, you continued. This symbol means you are so blessed. Remember to share your good fortune.

    Represents the possible destiny, the way to share treasures with others

    The essence – the hunter never takes more than the village needs to survive, often taking only one creature. He is a master tracker who knows which path to follow to find success.

    The invitation- rely on your own skills to traverse the thick forest you are in to reach your destination. You need to follow the tracks left by Spirit, and not follow the maps drawn by others. Become the mapmaker, find your inner compass and use all your senses – including your common sense.

    The essence- in the vision quest you face your fear, embrace your mortality, and then meet face to face with Spirit.

    The invitation – find clarity by spending time alone in nature. Spirit helps those who help themselves, so set your intention and ask nature for a guiding vision for your life.

Thank you so much to everyone participating in this work, either as senders or receivers or both.

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