Here are some warm words from some of my amazing clients, generously sharing about their experiences of working with me.

I am so grateful for walking side by side with you for a while – and for your contribution to this page. Wishing you all the very best on your continuous journey, for every aspect of your life. Thank you!

Regine Grundel about Anna Andergrahn

Soul Aligned Life Decisions (online course)

The course Soul Aligned Life Decisions came with perfect timing, and during the process I made the decision to quit my job. I could really feel my strength and power, and my wisdom.

Anna is great, she can really see people, and she has a wonderful ability to sense every individual. Her dedication and highly explanatory skills made this course excellent.

The course covered what I expected and it had the right amount of content and level of tasks: I have attended other courses with way too much to do and act on, which I haven’t been able to keep up with, but this was well worked through and well-balanced, so that I could follow through and benefit fully from it. Some of the included meditations had a similar intent as meditations I have previously done – and I really liked Annas approach to it!” 

/Sissi Ryland, Sweden (Sissi Ryland)

Soul Aligned Life Decisions is a great distance course – one of the best I have done! It was well-structured and easy to understand, with great tips to work with my centre and believe in myself.

Anna is very committed and available to us who are doing the course. I feel that she is real and true, and that she is giving the whole of her in this. And that is great.

I am very close to know my inner yes and no. I now know how to ask and how it should feel. The course helped me to trust my inner feeling, and feel stronger answers from my intuition. It has given me life-long tools to use, so thank you for that, Anna!” 

/Sandra Thérus, Sweden (MediumST)

Anna’s wisdom and guidance helped me to clarify my choices and inner knowing regarding a very important life-decision. When we know how to get the answer from within, everything is so much easier.

I can highly recommend this course! It is very helpful, on many levels. The mix is very good – information, meditation and assignment.

Anna is a wonderful guide to the seventh sense! She is present in the moment, delivers the information with clarity and love, and responds quickly to any comment in the FB-group.” 

/Regine Grundel, Sweden (Själens Röst)

one-on-one private sessions

To be guided by Anna is a truly touching and surprising experience. Her focus and presence creates a safe space for transformation.

Within minutes she showed me how and where I could gain energy for my project to flourish.

It all made sense and I am glad to have found a very reliable mentor in her, that is able to source deep spiritual energy.

This is exactly what I need. Thank you so much, Anna!” 

/Mereama, Scotland

I’ve always had a difficult time making decisions. More specifically it’s been a huge struggle for me to settle on a career path. I’ve wasted a lot of time being stuck, spending endless hours trying to decide what to do.

The method that Anna is using seemed a bit woo-woo to me at first. But when she told me that she could help me get in contact with my authentic desire then I was all in.

Anna has an impressive intuitive ability. She told me things in our sessions that were spot on, even when I hadn’t told her what I was struggling with at the moment.

The most fascinating thing was that she was able to connect with me energetically and confirm whether or not I was on the right track. It felt so good to get my decisions confirmed like that.

I’ve now become clear on what career path to pursue. And I feel like Anna has given me the permission to choose a path that is unconventional but right for me. Right for my soul.

/Anna Baath, Germany

I’m really happy to be able to be doing this series of sessions with Anna. When I started the first session I was going through a difficult period in my life, with many doubts about my future and how to walk my own path. Life has been difficult at times and I’ve realised I was not in balance.

It was such a great experience being able to communicate with Anna, every session was different and we have been taking this road together. I feel really grateful for this opportunity and since I’m doing these sessions I experience more harmony in my life, little by little feeling more myself, grounded and in peace. These sessions have allowed me to feel balanced and reclaiming my power back.

Anna is a caring and an easy going person, who radiates peace and confidence. Having these sessions is something I totally recommend, it brings self-awareness and inner peace. I’m really looking forward to the last session, where everything we have been doing up to now gets integrated. I feel more energy, self-confidence and living more in the moment than I was before starting the sessions with Anna.

The sessions are interesting, with new concepts and after the needed balancing it’s time to choose a card from the different decks Anna has, always a nice way to end the session with a beautiful message I can use for my path. Also colours are really important and the connection with my spirit guides. These sessions have been an amazing way to re-discover myself and my soul-purpose.

/Georgina Zinno, the Netherlands

Walking Why (online course)

I highly recommend this course. I had no specific expectations at all. I felt that I needed ‘Me-time’. My children are grown up and moved out years ago. This is for anyone who want and need ‘Me-time’, either to explore more of oneself or to reconnect with oneself.

The course helped me becoming aware of my essence why, connecting with my essence why and recognizing what I need to stay in that state. It is my intention to live it, love it and channel it, to my fullest capacity. I feel a lot more clear about my life mission after this course, and feel that I am now realizing my life mission considerably more than before I took this course.

/Camilla Ronge, Sweden

This course will guide you in a simple but yet genius way to discover your core essence, what you are and what your strength is, which you can use for yourself or to help others. I recommend this course with a warm heart.

The most important I take away from this course, is finding out my core essence – that is very valuable! A bit surprising but when I think about it and of who I am and who I always have been, it makes perfect sense. In this value is everything that is me, helping others, the world and the universe by spreading light through just being who I AM.

I liked this process very much, very good to map out the positive about us, which at least I am not used to. It was also helpful to make a daily morning routine. I can see that I have more patience with both me and others when doing my morning routine.

/Tereze Andrén, Sweden

I’ve learned so much from this course. It was a pleasure working with you. You did a great job – thanks so much! I’ve found my life mission – thanks to you.

/Heike Lee, Germany

“This course was a lot better than I expected and my life mission feels a lot clearer now. I am an intuitive farmer, like the name on my blog. I am going to spread my wisdom to the world with learning, freedom and openness. All these things I already knew, but earlier I did not believe in it.

For me, this course was about finding more pieces on my way towards and with my purpose in this lifetime, on this Earth – to find my way back to myself and to trust more in myself and in what comes to me.”

/Jennie Slottner, Sweden

“Taking this course was a gift to myself, to invest in my own psychic wellbeing. I got the realization that I actually have been doing this for myself before, but in a different way. Kind of mini-meditation moments that brings me back to the present. Very effective. I think the result (to be connected/grounded) is the same in my own method as in this course, and this made me glad.

To find my yes and no actually worked and I think this will be very useful for me. I would recommend a friend to join this course, because it helped me in some ways right now and in other ways it helped me by knowing what I want to go back to and deepen my knowledge in the future.

Some of my biggest takeaways from the course are to see my people in a ‘new’ way, realising I can make a difference and be more aware of my impact.

/Jenny Fredberg, Sweden

Bubbly Balance - Be We (online course)

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