I feel more energy, self-confidence and living more in the moment than I was before starting the sessions with Anna. These sessions have been an amazing way to re-discover myself and my soul-purpose.

/Georgina Zinno, Netherlands

Do you want to be at peace with yourself, your life and your children’s future? 

I support you by guiding you into your inner knowing, showing you how you can stay free from outside interference and take action in alignment with your soul purpose. Because when you know that you are everything you need to be, to do what you are here to do, you can finally do it – while feeling good.

Deeply anchored in your soul centre, you can meet your children from that place, and pass on that way of being and navigating life to them, into the future.

Can you sense that there is more…?

Have you achieved most of the earthly goals you have been working so hard to reach, and now sometimes secretly wondering… “Now what? Is this all there is to it? How come I have it all, and still I don’t feel that deep sense of peaceful joy and well-being..?”

Do you have a sincere wish to contribute positively in this world – yet having that uncomfortable feeling of being a bit too well-adjusted, constantly pleasing the wants and needs of others, never leaving enough time and space for yourself? That inner pain of having ignored the softly whispering inner voice for way too long, because there is so much to care about first… I know all about that, oh so well.

Maybe you also have children, and feel very itchy about having them being molded through all the craziness of our time, into well-functioning cog-wheels in the same, huge, dys-functional system in which you silently suffer..?

And then there’s that voice again… “There must be a better way…”


Stillness is available within every storm

Are you longing to anchor firmly into your deepest core self, so you can trust your inner knowing, authentically sense your self-worth, relax into your I Am power, and achieve lasting well-being in a time when change is the new constant?

Do you wish for your children to know, like and trust themselves as well, so they can make good and right choices for themselves and their lives, thereby contributing to a better world for all?

My calling is to support people like you, because I have gone through the quite challenging and sometimes messy, but so deeply liberating and richly rewarded, journey from never feeling enough, into knowing that I am perfectly created for the purpose for which I am on Earth in this lifetime. And I know that you are that too – and I sincerely wish for you to know it too – because you are the only one who can live your life.

Hi! I’m Anna Andergrahn from Sweden.

I support parents to strengthen themselves from within, so they can Know, Like and Trust their purpose and help their children to do the same, so that they can make peace with themselves and make the right choices for themselves and their life, and by that contributing to a better world for all.

Energy work is a vital part of what I do. Before our meeting, I will put our session into a safe container of light, with the intention that everything that happens during the session will serve your highest and greatest good. We start by connecting, to ourselves as well as to each other. The session unfolds depending on your needs. Oftentimes, I am using universal energy charts as a (very special!) tool to receive the information most needed at the time.

I can sense your wholeness, your light and your power for you, to help you to recognize and trust it for yourself.

With a Master of Science degree and several years of corporate careering, as well as several courses and processes at International School of Awareness, including the Teachers course, I have my feet firmly on the ground while sourcing universal truth.

I am also a mother of three highly alive children (5, 8 and 11 years old), constantly challenging me to stay centred and present with myself as well as with them, and reminding me every day of the importance of this work.

Words from Clients

To be guided by Anna is a truly touching and surprising experience. Her focus and presence creates a safe space for transformation.

Within minutes she showed me how and where I could gain energy for my project to flourish.

It all made sense and I am glad to have found a very reliable mentor in her, that is able to source deep spiritual energy.

This is exactly what I need. Thank you so much, Anna!” 

/Mereama, Scotland

I’ve always had a difficult time making decisions. More specifically it’s been a huge struggle for me to settle on a career path. I’ve wasted a lot of time being stuck, spending endless hours trying to decide what to do.

The method that Anna is using seemed a bit woo-woo to me at first. But when she told me that she could help me get in contact with my authentic desire then I was all in.

Anna has an impressive intuitive ability. She told me things in our sessions that were spot on, even when I hadn’t told her what I was struggling with at the moment.

The most fascinating thing was that she was able to connect with me energetically and confirm whether or not I was on the right track. It felt so good to get my decisions confirmed like that.

I’ve now become clear on what career path to pursue. And I feel like Anna has given me the permission to choose a path that is unconventional but right for me. Right for my soul.

/Anna Baath, Germany

I’m really happy to be able to be doing this series of sessions with Anna. When I started the first session I was going through a difficult period in my life, with many doubts about my future and how to walk my own path. Life has been difficult at times and I’ve realised I was not in balance.

It was such a great experience being able to communicate with Anna, every session was different and we have been taking this road together. I feel really grateful for this opportunity and since I’m doing these sessions I experience more harmony in my life, little by little feeling more myself, grounded and in peace. These sessions have allowed me to feel balanced and reclaiming my power back.

Anna is a caring and an easy going person, who radiates peace and confidence. Having these sessions is something I totally recommend, it brings self-awareness and inner peace. I’m really looking forward to the last session, where everything we have been doing up to now gets integrated. I feel more energy, self-confidence and living more in the moment than I was before starting the sessions with Anna.

The sessions are interesting, with new concepts and after the needed balancing it’s time to choose a card from the different decks Anna has, always a nice way to end the session with a beautiful message I can use for my path. Also colours are really important and the connection with my spirit guides. These sessions have been an amazing way to re-discover myself and my soul-purpose.

/Georgina Zinno, the Netherlands

Work with me

We connect, I give you guidance and energy work, using universal energy charts, and until next time either a task, a colour or a card. You can record and save paid sessions. Read the full Terms and Conditions for Private Sessions.

Free 30 min Call for Clarity

Main need clarity call

30 min intro-call, to:

  • Connect with me, to see how I can help you and if my way of working is right for you.
  • Get clarity on your current main area of need, clouding your inner knowing about what is right for you, using universal energy charts.
  • Receive energy work to clear, activate and/or balance what you need in that moment, for your unique right journey, in connection to the information received.
  • Schedule more sessions with me, if we both feel that it is right to do so.

Book your call

Single 90 min power-session

Clue to your Calling

90 min power-session, to:

  • Connect deeply with yourself, and journey into your soul.
  • Receive clues to your life purpose – your reason for being on Earth in this lifetime.
  • Get guidance and energy work to clear, activate and/or balance what you need in that moment, to get more clear on your unique right path ahead.
  • Schedule continued sessions with me, if we both feel that it is right to do so.
  • Leave with a colour and a card to support you onwards.

Schedule a free intro-call to find out if this is right for you.

5 sessions x 45 min/each

Clear the way for your inner knowing

Five levels of clues, guidance, clearing and balancing using universal energy charts, to clear some of what is in the way for the soul’s wisdom to be consciously known, and strengthen your inner knowing  about what is right for you and your life.

Five sessions x 45 min/each:

  • Session 1: Spirit level
  • Session 2: Mind level
  • Session 3: Emotion level
  • Session 4: Energy level
  • Session 5: Physical level

Schedule a free intro-call to find out if this is right for you, or contact me to agree on a weekly re-occurring time.

11 sessions x 45 min/each

Living your purpose in peace – Now

11 weekly sessions, 45 min/each, with clues, guidance, clearing and balancing using universal energy charts, covering:

  • Mind: Understanding ⇒ Self-awareness
  • Emotion: Universal Love ⇒ Self-responsibility
  • Physical: Body speaks ⇒ Self-care
  • Universal: Soul sensing ⇒ Knowing
  • Soul: Life Vision ⇒ Direction
  • Spirit: Soul mission ⇒ Your How
  • All: Decision point ⇒ Aligned Commitment
  • Energy: Aligned goals ⇒ Put it into practice
  • Physical: Action plan ⇒ Follow-through
  • All: Environment ⇒ Self-protection
  • All: Integration and Completion ⇒ Sovereignty

Schedule a free intro-call to find out if this is right for you, or contact me to agree on a weekly re-occurring time.

Distance healing

Distance healing with Universal energy

Universal energy work for your souls highest and greatest good – affecting your spirit, mind, emotion, energy and/or physical level according to your main needs at the time.

At the time of your session: Sit or lay down in a place and in a way so that you can fully relax and let go. Just be, and just feel. The focused healing work will go on for about 20 minutes – then the integration of it will continue to work for you. I will spend at least another 10 minutes writing you a message connected to the healing, and send it to your stated email address within an hour after your session.

NB: As always with this kind of work, no measurable results can be guaranteed, and it is not to replace any health care that you need.

When you shift from feeling “not good enough”, into knowing your true I Am power, you can live your purpose in peace, grounded and present, calm and confident, moment by moment, already now.

And when you know where your greatest guidance and answers come from – you also know how to guide your children into knowing, liking and trusting themselves as well. 

Don’t wait – Your life is happening Now – not ‘maybe someday’.

Take a deep breath, connect with yourself, and ask towards your centre: is a Call for Clarity with Anna my next right step?

Then, click that button. Welcome home.


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