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In Sweden we celebrate Lucia today.

At least to me, this is to remember and celebrate that when everything is dark, the light is just about to return. And it really is dark in Sweden this time of the year. This symbolism is beautiful, and I’ve always had this shivering, magical kind of feeling about the Lucia celebrations.

And when I watch the young children performing the Lucia songs, it almost becomes too much. I almost want to cry. Because to me, the children are standing for just that: the possibility of a brighter future. The light is still shining so bright through them, and with them in the world, there is hope.

Lucia children standing for light

Sure, when they get of stage, many of them start to fight. And I believe that they fight because it hurts to be a light being in a dark world. I sure can feel it. You probably can, too?

So, they need tools. They need tools to care for their own sanity and well-being, and they need tools to trust themselves enough to pave new roads, and create a new world, in new ways.

And I will do what I can, with what I have, to help those I am here to help.

Together we can make a difference.

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