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Hi, today we’ll cover how you can keep trusting others, AND ensure that you are moving in the right direction for You. 

Have you ever wondered, what direction to take, what decision to make, and then searched for answers, from outside? Maybe you started to search the internet, read books, talk to people you know and trust, or even asking your angels for signs? All of this can be very useful, and also very confusing. Trust me, I know that confusion all too well, I’ve been so deep into that fog. And still, I have a lot of well-meaning people around me, really wanting to help. So why can’t they?

Well, the thing is, there is no generally right answer, right decision or right direction, that applies to all. There is, however, a right direction for YOU, where you are, at this moment. And only Your inner compass can point you towards it, because only You have your unique mix of experiences, talents, gifts and personality, and your unique perspective.

There is a place for everything, and so every option is right for someone. But every option is not right for you. Or for me. And what is the exactly right teaching for me, here and now, can be totally wrong for you. And so, even if you really trust someone, and they really want to help you, by pointing towards what they really feel is right – from their perspective – and it probably is right for Them – only You have Your perspective.

This is why you always need to check in with your own inner compass, to ensure you stay on your right direction. And by doing so, you can keep trusting that the people that care about you, really are doing their very best to help, from where they are – even when you feel that what they say is not right for You. Everyone is right, from their perspective. Peace.

Now please let me know how this feels to your inner compass, in the comments below.

Lots of Love, Bye!

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