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Living in a time, where everything is changing so fast, and so many possibilities are available for us, how can we best prepare our children for all the future decisions they will need to make?

During a lifetime there are so many decisions to make, big and small, seemingly unimportant – and vital. So, how can we give our children the navigation system they need, to be able to make the right decisions, that are for their highest good, and for the highest good of all. Well, it’s actually easy…

We don’t give them a guiding system, because just like us, they already have it. They are born with it, like we all are. What they might need our support with, is to remember that they have it, to get the tools to re-align with it when needed, and to learn how to trust it.

So, what can you do?

As always, first you need to check with your own centre, that it is the right time, place and reason to guide your child in this way. Then, you can encourage your child to feel into their ‘inner flower’, where they feel they have their centre, and feel their answer in that place.

You can practice this when your child finds it difficult to choose from unessential every-day options, like orange juice, or apple juice, or even whether to go on the weekly whatever-practice, or to their cousin’s birthday party. Whenever there is a decision that you are willing to let them make, you can remind them to check with their inner flower.

Practicing regularly with small decisions like this, will increase their awareness of the inner knowing that they already have, help them learn to trust it, and it will make it more natural to check within, when the day comes where they need to make more important decisions for their lives.

In ‘Bubbly Balance – the Gift’ I am instead talking about ‘the inner spark’, and you can choose the word that works best for your child. You can access ‘the Gift’ for free { download it here } , and give your child a pre-recorded guided process into their ‘inner spark’ and back.

And now, please share this with those who might need it.

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