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The universal energy situation seems to highlight our personal social situations, and calls us to view things in new ways. We need to be honest and kind to ourselves, because we can only be what we are and we can only do our best. If you have children in your life, take the opportunity to learn authenticity, presence and playfulness from them.

On this very last day of May 2020 – how are you?

What are you sensing is in the air today..?

If you are into astrology, you probably know that we have several planets in retrograde right now. Can you feel that, and if so, how..? Feel free to comment and share your experience, because I am curious and would love to know.

What I feel, is that even though there are quite a lot going on, in different ways, I also feel a lot of calmness with it. It is like many of us know deep down that also the things that can be challenging, is helpful and beneficial in how it moves everything forward. I can sense a lot of calm and trust, beneath what is happening on the surface level.

What I also feel with the universal weather situation, is that it is what is closest to us that is affected, activated, and challenged, right now. We might need to face new perspectives, when it comes to our homes, our partners and children, parents and siblings, and also friends. I feel it is a lot about how we view, experience and relate to those, and maybe we are becoming aware of something that is not what we thought it was. Both positive and negative surprises are possible here, when we change our perspective of it.

I have also got the message that it is important that we are kind to ourselves, and don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. We cannot be perfect and do everything completely right, that is part of being human and it is perfectly OK.

On top of all the things we might normally experience as stressful, we now also have new kind of circumstances that we not always know how to best navigate through. So, we need to remember that we can only be what and where we are – and we are so much more than what we do.

We need to allow ourselves to become still, both in terms of outer doings, and inner thoughts and emotions, so that we can rest and recharge in our seventh sense.

We also need to allow ourselves to feel what is true for us, where we are – again, both positive and negative. If you’re going through a tough time, allow yourself to feel that. Don’t pretend that everything is OK, when it is not. And also, when you feel that life is good, allow yourself to really enjoy that. Have fun, enjoy nature, the weather, the people around you, clean water and good food. Acknowledge and enjoy whatever is good in your personal life.

With everything that is going on in this world, it can be easy to feel weighed down by what is not about you and your life. And then it can be very good to take a time-out from the news – whether mainstream or from free, alternative channels, so that you can allow yourself to enjoy your life.

And about the world, of course there are a lot of dark stuff going on – but there are also massive positive things going on, even though most of us don’t hear as much about that through the news channels.

Also, all of that, positive and negative, we cannot do much about as an individual human being. To be able to do our part in the best possible way, we need to be kind to ourselves, and allow ourselves to calm down. Only then can we see more clearly what needs to be done, and be able to do that with more ease and less stress. It becomes easier to stay present with what is going on, what we are doing, who we are with and what we are experiencing in that moment.

If you have children in your life, they can be very good teachers when it comes to these kinds of things. They are naturally fully present with themselves and whatever is going on, and they are naturally very true and honest about how they feel.

So, if you have the opportunity, you might want to connect with them, and rather than trying to guide them, connect with your own playfulness, tune in to your child and their energy, and practice following them for a little while, to see if something shifts for you.

Maybe you remember something long forgotten. Maybe a surprisingly new perspective opens up.

I don’t believe in making our children follow on us, I believe that we need to dare to allow the new generation to guide us to the next level of being human. Let us play with that possibility for the upcoming week – and let’s have fun with it.

Until next time, with so much Love, be Well, by for now.

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