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..or how to discern true from false and know what to trust

Time to bring our personal and collective shadows into the light of awareness, to free ourselves from it. To be able to solve a problem, we need to first become aware of the problem. To be able to choose, we need to know our options. Connect to your inner Truth detector. Choose wisely.

Hi! Hope you are well, wherever you are in this transformational time on Earth. I have had a really tough process going on, during the last few weeks, with so much difficult information surfacing.

A lot of it have been available for some time already, and I am deeply grateful for the people having worked for truth in different ways, for many years, while being ridiculed by the masses. Thanks to these heroes, I have finally realized that a lot of what I have believed in for my entire life, was not what I thought it was.

And still, I don’t have the full picture, of who is who, and what is what. My previous world view has been scattered into pieced, and now they are dancing around, together with all this new information being released.

When things are being blocked and censored, I become curious about why, and what it is that we are not allowed to know, or even consider – what we cannot see, hear or talk about. What has become clear to me, is how easy it is to manipulate large amounts of people, by controlling the information. And this is why I feel that it is important for me to share and make available the information that is not allowed through, by the collective mind controlling system. Then, it is up to you to choose what to dive deeper into, and not.

When diving into this information, from different sources, it is important to know that we are all affected by the programming that have been systematically going on for ages, so everything is filtered through personal lenses. Also, there are many layers to truth, and many perspectives to look at it from. So, we need to listen with our cores, rather than with our pre-programmed brains.

When we are faced with difficult information, our first human reaction is to deny it, because it would be so much easier if it wasn’t true, and if it is, it can seem easier to look away and pretend it doesn’t exist. “Just focus on the positive – love and light, love and light”, in the truth covering make-up way.

However, we need to become aware of a problem to be able to solve it. We are now faced with a HUGE collective problem, and to be able to solve it, we need to be help each other to collectively wake up to the current situation, to be able to create something better. We need to find the courage to realize what has been going on, and enough humbleness to admit that we have been wrong.

Because we do have a choice. But to be able to choose, we need to know our options. Each and everyone of us have access to our higher power, in the centre of our being. We can choose to connect to that, and follow it, to be able to have what we need, for ourselves and for the benefit of others. Or, we can choose to continue to be lead by those using their powers for themselves, against us, while pretending that all is well, while secretly suffering.

Don’t dwell in the dark stuff. Take in the information that you need, to be able to understand the problem, then focus on the solution.

Let us look away no more. Let us dare to bring our collective and personal shadows into the light of awareness, to free ourselves from it. And may we all listen closely to our higher guidance in our very cores, always leading us in accordance with what is good and right, for ourselves, each other and the whole, one step at the time.

Wishing you a week ahead in line with your higher guidance, stay centred, be well, with so much Love, by for now.

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