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Sometimes the narrow and bumpy roads are the most beautiful. The most raw and real. The most alive and sincere.

What if it doesn’t even matter where it leads..? What if the path itself is the whole purpose..? Then what is left to stress about? Then we’ve already reached the goal.

How does that make you feel? What do you think?

Beautiful bumpy road

We are almost half-way through this intense year of 2020, and I feel like nothing is stable. There is nothing to hold on to, to trust or rely on – other than the seventh sense, in our very centre. The highest part of us always leads us right, from the very core of our being. In unstable times like the ones we currently experiencing, it becomes more important than ever to stay connected to our seventh sense.

So, how can we do that?

As always: breathe deeply and relax. Relax into yourself, relax into your body, relax into the present moment and into whatever situation you are currently in. Don’t try to escape what is going on around you, into surreal dream-worlds, but relax into all that is real in your personal world. Relax into full presence.

This is also how to ground your light onto this planet. And to do that, is a beautiful intention to have for this upcoming summer solstice.  We are all born from the light, into this world, because the presence of our light is so desperately needed here. We can best help, by being ourselves fully, by allowing ourselves to vibrate what we truly are.

Nobody can do better than our best, and nothing more will ever be asked from us than to do the best we can with what we have and from where we are. So, to the best of our ability: May we all breathe and relax into the present, to ground our light onto this planet, reclaim our I Am power and let our seventh sense lead the way, for the highest good of all, for the whole and in accordance with the cosmic laws.

This is my intention for summer solstice 2020, and I invite you to share it with me.

To assist you to get centred and aligned with your highest guidance through your seventh sense, we offer free collective energy balancing each month. We normally do this on the third Friday of each month. Since this upcoming Friday is the Swedish midsummer day, this time we will do it already on Thursday. So, Thursday June 18, at 18:00 CET, we are once again teaming up to provide energy balancing, clearing and activation, for inner knowing, peace and wholeness, using universal energy. Let me know if you want to receive this extra support.

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