When children know, like and trust themselves, they will both feel better and do better. Guide your child into increased self-awareness through creative drawing.

1 month course with life-time access: $77

Energy balancing session for yourself included!

Drawing Life is a self-study email course, enabling you to introduce your child to essential life aspects, in a fun, creative and simple way.

11 steps are delivered through email every third day during a month. Each time you will receive a drawing task in written form, ready to present to your child.

This is not a course on how to draw in any particular way (I’m not the right person to teach that) – this is about free, creative soul expression, to gain clarity and increased self-awareness.

You introduce your child to the task, and stay by their side as the loving presence witnessing their process. Feel free to take part in the journey, and do the exercises yourself, side by side with your child. Then share with each other. This can further increase the mutual trust, understanding and connection between the two of you.

Draw LoveGo through the course in your own pace, as best suits your and your unique child’s needs. You can keep the emails for as long as you need, which enables you to re-take the course as many times you need, whenever.

If you have more than one child within your family, you can go through the course together with each of them. If so, I strongly recommend that you go through each step separately together with each of them, to give each child your full attention during this process.

Since drawing is a vital part of this course, please make sure to have some colour pens or crayons available for your child to use.


Personal energy work and support for yourself

To support you in guiding your child in the most beneficial way through this course, I will also give you a personal energy balancing session as part of this course. After the session, I will write down the information I received during the process, and send it to you through email. You will receive this email within the first two course weeks, meaning before reaching the half-way point in the course, in which we sum up, to move on.

I will also be available for email support throughout the course, and a full hour of my time is included for this purpose in the course.

What’s included?

  • 11 emails with a written drawing task for you to present to your child.
  • Course running for a month, with access to new step every third day.
  • Self-study course that you can go through in your own pace.
  • Energy balancing session for yourself, with the connected information sent by email within the two first course weeks.
  • Personal email support by myself during the course, up to 1 hour in total.
  • You can keep the emails for as long as you need, and re-take the course whenever you want.
  • Do the tasks side by side with your child, and share the journey with each other.

Start Drawing Life, together with your child!


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