You are a complete and perfect soul. And your children are that, too.

But you have lost connection with that truth, and you are doubting yourself and feeling guilty.

You already know everything you need, in every moment, right in your very centre.

But you have forgotten how to hear yourself, often lost in your head, feeling lost and overstrained.

You know there is more – and you want it now – because time goes by so fast. 

You want to be fully present with your children – to know them, to feel them, to witness them.

You feel the urgency to guide them into finding their own right ways through life, while you can.

I can help you, because I have been there too, and I know that lasting change is possible.

Learn to:

  • Accept ownership of your life
  • Make peace with yourself
  • Know your right answers
  • Stay free from outside interference
  • Guide your children to trust their inner knowing
  • Create changes that ripple through generations


Only we can choose how to lead our lives – and our children are following us.

No more excuses.

A new kind of future takes a new kind of decision, and the future is created Now.

Let’s do this.

For You – to help you trust your inner knowing

Know, Like and Trust yourself - free mini-course

Know, Like & Trust yourself – free mini-course

Join the free 3-step mini-course ‘Know, Like & Trust yourself’. You will receive access to three video episodes through email, every second week. After that, I will keep sending you emails every once in a while, to further support you in deepening your self-awareness, self-love and self-trust.

Go sign up for this, and get immediate access!

Soul Aligned Life Decisions

Soul Aligned Life Decisions

Know how to make the right decision for yourself and your soul’s path, every time, within one month. Learn to decode your body’s language, accept ownership of your life, know your right answer, and stay free from outside interference. Three short video lessons each week, with connected printable worksheets, and a Facebook group for sharing and interaction.

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Walking Why - Learn how to realize your life mission through everyday life

Walking Why

Learn how to realize your life mission through everyday life. Follow this four-week process, possible to digest and work through in parallel with work and family life.

When we are consciously connected with our life mission, joyful and calm energy naturally flows. Explore your ‘essence Why’ and start integrating it in everything you do, at home, at work, and for the world. This way, everything comes together, and no time is wasted.

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Anna Andergrahn - My full attention on You

Work with me 1-1

I support you by guiding you into your inner knowing, showing you how you can stay free from outside interference and take soul-aligned action towards the fulfilment of your life-purpose. Because when you know that you are everything you need to be, to do what you are here to do, you can finally do it.

Have a look at the private sessions page – and book a free call for clarity to find out if I am the right one to guide you at this point in your life.

Ways you can use to guide your children

Bubbly Balance - Be We

Bubbly Balance – Be We

An 11 step online guided tour into yourself, for your 7-11 year old child to go through side by side with you, to expand in self-awareness, self-esteem, self-trust and wellbeing.

Access 11 weekly videos, take notes in the connected ‘bubble sheets’, and share in the closed Facebook group.

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Bubbly Balance - Drawing Life

Bubbly Balance – Drawing Life

Drawing Life is a self-study email course, with 11 drawing tasks delivered every third day, enabling you to introduce your child to essential life aspects, in a fun, creative and simple way.

Take this course whenever suits you, go through it in your own pace, and keep the emails to re-take it whenever needed.

Bubbly Balance - the Gift

Bubbly Balance – the Gift

The Gift is a super-short, self-study, self-exploration run-through, to go through together with your child, consisting of one 10 minute video episode and the connected bubble sheets in PDF for printout. Find out quickly if this way of working is right for your child.

Sign up for free and get immediate access.


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