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Today we’ll cover why your 7th sense is your most important asset.

“The 7th sense!? Is that the same as intuition, or is that the 6th sense?”

Okay, let’s sort this out.

I often refer to the 7th sense, and today, I will tell you why.

My experience is that there is confusion about intuition. Some people who use the word mean the 6th sense, used for spiritual communication – meaning communication between individual beings. Other mean what I call the 7th sense, or the deep inner knowing, vibrating from your centre. So, there is a language confusion here, and therefore, I not often use the term intuition, because… it is confusing!

I have adopted the term 7th sense from International School of Awareness, from which I have received my teachers certificate, because it makes sense to me. Most people know what is meant by the 6th sense, weather they believe in it or not, and whether they are open to use it or not.

Some other terms for the 7th sense, are ‘the inner voice’, or ‘inner knowing’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘soul sensing’, or ‘calling’. This is your inner guiding system, leading you through the fulfilment of your unique life purpose, if you trust yourself enough to allow it.

So, when you receive information from outside of yourself, like thoughts, opinions, ideas and guidance, whether from beings wearing flesh costumes or from the spirit realms, using the 6th sense, please make sure to always check in with your 7th sense whether it is right for You to follow, where You are, at this moment in time.

Please tell me in the comments what the word intuition means to you, and why.

Lots of Love, Bye!

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