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We need to learn to balance the clarity of our inner knowing with the world around us. We need to move from the unbalanced, ego-based “me”-focus, towards thinking “we” and caring about “us” – in the right way. We need to stay centred within ourselves, to be able to be in balance in relation to others and have balanced relationships. This is how we can be part of the great cooperation for Earth and everyone who lives here.

In short, that was the July collective balancing message. On Friday, July 17, we once again joined forces for the universal energy balancing session, monthly provided for free for everyone choosing to receive from it.

Stay centred in yourself, so that you can give to others in the right way

A lot of energy was cleared, activated and balanced for the mind. That means both the thinking, the believing, as well as the deep inner soul-knowing. The purpose was to assist clarity, awareness, inner knowing and information coming from our very highest guidance. It felt a bit like a wake-up call, and also a call to trust what you sense in your very centre when receiving different kinds of information from outside of yourself.

Another strong theme was the importance of caring for each other and cooperate, to be able to move through our collective challenges towards better ways of being and living together on and with this planet. It is important to care in the right way, rather than falling into unbalanced patterns of “people-pleasing”, “martyrdom”, etc. Universal love is about giving each and everyone what is needed, rather than wanted – and that includes yourself. It is also about letting everyone be themselves and choose for themselves – while being yourself and choose for You. “Live and let live”. This does not mean to not care about others, but we need to learn to help in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons.

When you are centred, grounded and connected to your highest guidance – it is easier to “just know and just do”, with less over-thinking. Then you are naturally your true self, without “trying” to be, do or seem in any particular way. You just are. You are just naturally flowing and moving with whatever is going on, you get more energized and you are the leader in your own life. You just do what needs to be done, and then leave it and move on. And the more of us who can just be, just know and just do – centred and thereby in the flow – the more our doings will be naturally coordinated in a more harmonious way, for the benefit of all.

We all have our own unique gifts and ways of serving to contribute with. We don’t need to try to control each other and what others are doing – that is actually what causes the hiccups and dissonance. But we do need to acknowledge that who we are and what we come with is needed in this world – because that is why we are here exactly as we are – and share our gifts with others. Because if we don’t, we might miss the whole purpose of being here.

To sum this up: Step into your I Am power, by relaxing into your own centre, and do what you can to help with what is needed, for the benefit of all. Easy as that. 😉

And for those of you who said yes to the energy balancing work, you have now received energetic support for this purpose, and for whatever is needed for your unique purpose, from where you currently are. A sincere and soulful Thank you for trusting us to support you in this way!

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Universal energy supports our seventh sense - our soul's wisdom