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It matters what you care about, and carelessness has consequences. Go out and connect with nature – and with your own true nature. Listen to what your soul calls you towards, through your true feelings. Choose your own intentions, to avoid getting dragged along in others’ agendas, to move in a direction that is good and right for you. Weed out what’s not needed in the garden of your life.

I’ve had a few extra days off this week, and I spent a good part of it in our garden, clearing away some weeds.

And I feel that this time is good for things like that – for breaking the daily routines, going outside, connecting with nature – as well as with your own true nature – to create some space for yourself, so that you can hear yourself more clearly.

There are times in our lives, when we must face obstacles, and situations that are not serving our highest good. Sometimes it becomes clear that there are those wanting to control us in directions that are not in alignment with the intentions of our own soul.

If we are not paying attention, and want to trust in the good in others, it is easy to play along and just let things unfold in accordance with others’ agendas. Until the fruit of those agendas are becoming too bitter and hard to digest – and we start to feel sick.

Then it becomes a bit more urgent to reclaim your own power, and set your own agenda, so that you can follow that agenda – more in line with your life purpose, instead of some of those leading in other directions, than what is good and right for you.

To be able to do that, it is very helpful to take some time-out from what the outside world seems to ask from you, to spend some quality time with yourself, and breathe freely in your own body.

Be honest to yourself about how you really feel about your life and the different aspects of your life. Your true feelings, dreams and desires are clues to your life purpose. It is your soul calling you to move in the right direction for you. It can guide you away from something that doesn’t feel good, or towards something that excites you.

So, start by giving yourself some time, to ask yourself some important questions about where you are and where you are heading, and pay attention to your feelings. Don’t try to change them – just notice – and ask yourself what messages they carry.

And when it becomes more clear to you what needs to change in your life, you can set your own intentions to start moving in a direction that is good and right for you, and then start moving.

Because, it doesn’t matter if it is a smaller, personal context that is stealing your life force and holding you back from following the path your soul intended for you – or if it is on a larger scale and part of a bigger picture – you still have free choice for yourself and for your life.

It is only when you don’t choose consciously, but let others choose for you, that you get dragged along in the agendas of others – where you might not even know who it originates from, or the end goal of it.

And even when we cannot immediately change everything in our lives that doesn’t feel good and right – we can make the decision to reconnect with ourselves on a regular basis, listen closely and follow what we feel is good and right to the best of our ability.

No-one can do better than our best, and our best will always be enough. It is not so much about actual achievements – it is the conscious intention that matters. It matters what we care about, and carelessness has consequences.

So, if you can, go out in nature already today, connect with its healing powers, let it help you to clear away what you might have absorbed from others, get grounded, catch up with yourself, and choose a direction that you will feel good about moving towards.

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