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Sometimes I get the question why the ‘Bubbly Balance – Be We’ course is limited to 7-11-year-olds. This is not set in stone. Every child is unique, and these life skills are universal.

That said, I have created the course with this age range in mind, for the following reasons.

Before that age, they might be too young to be able to grasp these kinds of teachings. My experience of younger children is also that they still are who they were born to be, and living fully in the moment, so they don’t really need this. Also, we as parents are more often still there, connected to them in loving presence.

Then, around the ages 7-11, many of us tend to move our attention more onto other things in our life, while the children get taught how to be by others; in school, through different screens, etc. These are vulnerable ages where the sense of self is taking form, and ‘Bubbly Balance – Be We’ is a way to stay connected and support them in staying true to themselves.

7-11-years-old children

Later, with older children/youths, it is my experience that now the kids tend to move away from us parents, onto other things in their life, and sometimes want to listen more to their friends than parents. In other words, it can be more difficult for parents to reach them – especially with things so closely related to who they are – while they are busy trying to figure out who they are without us. At this stage, I feel it is of vital importance for them to be steadily tuned in to their own inner compass.

Of course it is never to late, and just because it might be difficult, that doesn’t mean it will not be worth the effort – so please don’t give up on them! But rather than letting them go step by step through this course, you might find it more helpful to create time to talk with them – connect and really listen.

You are the one who best knows your child. Regardless of the age of your child, I suggest you try out ‘the Gift’, and feel into the concept together with your child, before deciding if this way of approaching it will suit both of you.

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