First Aid Kit for the soul

Change is here to stay. Are you ready to re-claim your I Am power, to navigate these challenging times in the best possible way, for yourself as well as for the collective?

Anna Andergrahn

Whole parents for whole children. For a whole world.

We are so much more than we are usually aware of.
Our physical body moves in the physical world.
Our energy fields changes throughout our days.
We experience various feelings and emotions.
The thoughts in our heads affect all of the above.
Spiritual information can be picked up from outside.

The forever perfect divine soul that we are, experiences all of the above when moving through life as a human being. When we can embrace more of what we are, we can be free to do what we came here to do, in the most joyful way.

The whole world needs parents and children who are whole, to make the world whole again.

Know, Like and Trust your seventh sense – the universal source in the centre of your being – and help your children to do the same, so they can make peace with themselves and make the right choices for themselves and their life, and by that contributing to a better world for all.

Start with yourself, so you can be a living role model for your children to follow – then also pass on information and useful tools, to give your children the best possible conditions for growth.

I am Anna Andergrahn from Sweden. Taught by International School of Awareness, I use my seventh sense intuition and universal energies, to help clear, activate and balance what is needed, to strengthen parents from within, through private sessions and online courses.


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